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Our Aim

What's ur aim

The aim of this site

1. To encourage, train and equip learners to learn to play the guitar simply but skilfully. 2. To understanding the basics of Guitar theory . 3. To incorporate musical theory as it relates to the guitar.

Why another guitar tutor?

1. This guitar site offers four distinctive features not found in other tutors: Develop the confidant and discipline that you could learn the Guitar by help of a tutorial. However, to become a professional you may need to get help from a professional tutor. 2. How to play specific songs. 3. An introduction to melody playing. 4. Simple explanations of guitar musical theory, eg how C7 is formed and how it differs in structure and use from CM7.

Choice of Guitar

Choice of guitar The first decision is whether to buy a classical or a steel-strung guitar (otherwise called a folk guitar). The classical guitar is slightly smaller and lighter, has nylon strings and is best played with the fingers, not a pick. The steel-strung guitar is bigger, heavier and therefore more powerful. (Steel- strung guitar-, are available with six strings or twelve strings. Twelve strings are louder but,more diIfficult to play'and so are not recommended for learning on. You should be guided in your decision by where you are going to use the guitar. The classical guitar is beautiful for playing in a small room or with a house group, whereas the steel-strung guitar is better suited to a large church or youth situation. Try both types in a shop and pray that God will guide you in this first choice. Do not buy a second-hand guitar unless you know someone who can check that the guitar is not warped or cracked. A guitar is very easily damaged. Do go to a well-known music dealer who carries a good range of guitars and ask the advice of the salesman who buys for the shop.

Choice of strings

I .Buy the correct gauge strings for your guitar,light, medium or heavy. Medium will probably be the best, but get advice of the shop which sells you the guitar, 2. Quality is geared very much to price. 3. Replace strings at least once a year, and more often if you are playing daily. When the strings are wearing out they become difficult to tune, will look slightly rusty and will lose their sustaining power.


Choice of picks and plectrums Picks and plectrums are very much a matter of individual 'feel'. A plectrum is a thin piece of plastic which is held between the thumb and index finger while a pick actually fits on to your thumb. A heavy (that is thick) plectrum or pick is suitable for playing with a strong rhythmic beat, whereas light (that is thin) ones give a sensitive sound for soft songs or gentle picking. I have a medium pick for general use, but keep one of each of the others for special songs. Store picks and plectrums in a small box or make a cloth bag to hang on the head of your guitar, these are worse than pins for disappearing!

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